Administrator Training Programs

Grow your own leaders… with EasyCEU Certification Courses! EasyCEU Certifications are the affordable method to avoid the high cost of staff turnover.

Using EasyCEU Certifications, you’ll grow your own leaders and increase:

  • Employee retention
  • Consistency in training
  • Employee morale and loyalty
  • Flexibility & latitude for the management team

Keep your most important staff in the building, where you need them. All courses on EasyCEU’s are online and available 24/7!

California RCFE and ARF Administrator Certification

Visit to for Administrator Certification classes.

Certification for Assisted Living Residence Administrators

ADVANCED Assisted Living Administrator Training
Assisted Living Nurse Certificate
Assisted Living Administrator Certificate

Certification Nursing Facility Administrators

Nursing Facility Administrator in Training (AIT)
Nursing Facility Director of Nursing (DON) Certification

State Specific Administrator Training

California Administrator Certification

Colorado’s New 40-Hour Assisted Living Administrator Course

Nebraska Assisted Living Administrator Certification

New Mexico Assisted Living Administrator Certificate