Nursing Facility Administrator in Training (AIT)

Certificate Course

Build a strong foundation for career success as a Nursing Facility Administrator with this program.

While the AIT program is a hands’ on experience, this course guides both the learner and the preceptor in making sure that all areas of practice are well-covered and learned.

This manual follows the 5 Domains of Practice:

  • Resident Centered Care and Quality of Life – Promoting resident rights, quality of care, and quality of life. Assessing,planning, implementing, and evaluating resident services.
  • Human Resources – Development and management of a comprehensive human resources program that identifies the need for effective, skilled, engaged employees who deliver resident centered care.
  • Finance – Ensuring a comprehensive fiscal management plan to achieve the organization’s financial performance objectives and goals to provide on-going resident care and services.
  • Environment – Ensuring an environment and atmosphere that promotes, protects, and provides resident centered care and quality of life.
  • Leadership and Management – Promoting innovation and strategic direction in alignment with organizational mission, vision, values, and purpose. Managing resources to ensure maximum performance and impact. Developing skills needed for daily management of the facility and implementing systems and nurturing relationships to ensure success in a complex and dynamic industry.

Course Objectives:

The purpose of the Nursing Facility Administrator in Training Certificate Program is:

To understand and use this manual to its up most potential, one must understand this manual is a guide to the learning experience. The topics summarized are to be learned in a hands-on format. The preceptor takes an active role in managing the tasks and learning objectives of the AIT. By taking a hands-on approach and following through with each task and learning objective and assuring they are reviewed and the knowledge is developed, one can assure successful completion of the certification. The AIT will also hold a stronger opportunity for success.

About the Instructor

Gregg Calvert has been managing extended health facilities for over 15 years. During this time, he has progressively developed his career to serve as a Vice President, Director of Finance, and various Executive Director roles. His experience entails multi-facility management in both for profit and not for profit corporations. Gregg has extensive experience and skills in developing high performing teams dedicated to quality care and regulatory compliance. Currently, Gregg is acting as a CEO, owner, as well as a consultant for his company that is dedicated to providing exceptional services to those we love and care for. Gregg has a BA in Health Service Administration from Eastern Washington University and is a licensed Nursing Home Administrator.