Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my course not show up when I login?
If you login immediately after completing your purchase you may not see your new course. It takes about 15 minutes for the purchase to be confirmed and for your course enrollment to be complete. If you do not see your course, please be patient – get a cup of coffee – and check back in about 15 minutes. Be sure to refresh your screen or exit the internet and re-enter, logging in again to the website. If you still do not see your course please don’t hesitate to contact us either by live help, email or call.

What is an enrollment key and why am I being asked for one?
All courses are protected by an enrollment key. Once your purchase has gone through you will automatically be enrolled in a course – you don’t need an enrollment key. If you are being asked for an enrollment key, the system has not yet processed your purchase. If you try to open a course you have not purchased you will also be asked for an enrollment key – simply purchase the course and you will be enrolled.

What is active learning?
Active learning is learning that is directed by you – not by us. This is different that sitting in a class listening to a lecture – or completing a traditional online course. It requires that you spend time exploring a topic on your own, visiting websites, watching videos or reading other content. It may require you to write a brief summary of what you’ve learned as well. It can be a really fun alternative to traditional learning, letting you guide what and how you learn.

How do I get my username and password if I don’t remember?
Remembering user names and passwords is one of the most challenging parts of using a password-protected website, especially if it has been a while since you’ve been on the site. Please don’t hesitate to contact our client support staff by calling, emailing or using the live chat link. We’ll look it up for you and help you access your course. It’s important that you do NOT create a new username and password, especially if you want to retrieve past CEU course hours. We’ll help – it’s fast and easy. Most people find that they make a note in their address book or in a separate notebook so they can retrieve infrequently-used login details.

Why am I getting an invalid login message?
Invalid login messages simply mean that the username and password you are entering does not match what we have in our database. Be careful about capital letters, complete email addresses and other small details. Computers match exact information in logins. If you continue to get that message please contact client support – we’ll be happy to help.

How long do these courses take?
Courses take approximately the amount of time equal to the number of CEU credits, including the time required to complete quizzes and tests and course evaluations. Many courses require reading, and some people read more slowly than others. You might finish a 2 CEU course in less than 2 hours if you’re a fast reader; someone else might take longer than 2 hours to finish. In general, however, plan on spending about the number of hours of credit you’ll be receiving on each course. You can break it into as many smaller periods of time as you wish, however – you don’t need to take any course in one sitting.

How do I get my CEU credit?
On EasyCEU you purchase the course before you begin, complete your online administrator CEU course and print out your certificate. Nothing to mail back and forth – no waiting. Our online administrator CEU courses are completely learner-led which means you control the pace and the place.