In the News: Lifetime Care at Home?

In the News: Lifetime Care at Home?

What if you could be assured that you could stay at home and get the help you need – no matter how intense – by subscribing to one home care service?

The idea will likely be very interesting to consumers, especially since we’re all keenly aware of how long it could take to sell your home if you needed to move into a care community and use the proceeds from your home to finance that move. What if you could simply stay at home and get care sent to you?

This concept, referred to as LifeCare at Home, Continuing Care at Home or Senior Care at Home, should be of interest to both consumers and to providers of senior care services. From the provider side, what if you could extend your services into the community by supporting folks who choose to remain at home? On the surface, it seems like a great way to expand your business and your service reach, supporting consumers in something that, borrowing from McD’s, promises care “your way.”

The whole idea came across my desk in an announcement from publishing firm Irving Levin Associates for a webinar titled “Continuing Care at Home: A Way to Broaden Your Reach.” If you’re curious about opportunities, risks and processes to get started you may be interested in joining this webcast. Details here!

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