This course is available to the general public for purchase, and is intended for an intermediate audience of heath care professionals.

Older Adults and Heart Disease – Getting to the Heart of the Matter

3 CEUs

This course provides an interactive overview of recent research findings related to the unique nature and impact of dementia symptoms. It also offers best practice treatment guidelines and tools for managing dementia symptoms and real stories from a dementia family caregiver.

 Course Objectives:

  • Define heart disease
  • Describe the nature and impact of heart disease in older adults
  • List three common forms of heart disease in older adults
  • Identify three risk factors for heart disease in older adults
  • List three common symptoms of heart disease
  • Explain how heart disease is diagnosed
  • List the most common medical and non-medical treatment approaches for heart disease

Course Approvals:

  • NAB – This program has been approved for Continuing Education for 3.0 total participant hours by NAB/NCERS – approval# 20190627-3-A44316-DL – expires 06/27/2019.
  • KDHE – Kansas Administrators
  • BVN – California Vocational Nurses
  • CE Broker – Florida Administrators
  • Tennessee Physical Therapy Association