Family Moments

3.0 CEUs

Families have the real-life information and knowledge to build a bridge between the care provider and people with Alzheimer’s. They can share missing details, create links to a person’s mind, and help give back their greatness. Educating the families about what to expect and how to visit will also help sustain relationships. Once families understand dementia – and how to apply the knowledge they hold – they can become “helpers” in the disease process. In return this creates a solid foundation which gives everyone the opportunity to get started on the right foot.

 Course Objectives:

  • Recognize why it is much easier for staff to accept the person with dementia, compared to families who have a lifetime of expectations.
  • Obtain relevant habits of a lifetime from families to create a more familiar and supportive environment.
  • Pass onto families ways to make visiting easier and holidays less stressful.
  • Change their terminology when communicating with families.

Course Approvals:

  • NAB: This program has been approved for Continuing Education for 3.0 total participant hours by NAB/NCERS – approval# 20191204-3-A48172-DL – expires 12-04-2019.
  • CE Broker Approved for Florida Long Term Care Administrators, Nurses, and Certified Nurse Aides as well as District of Columbia Certified Nurse Aides and Home Health Aides
  • Michigan Department of Human Services: Approved for Adult Foster Care Administrators pursuant to Rules 400.14203 and 400.15203
  • Kansas Department of Health and Environment: Approval #: LTS -A1138 (Resident Care)

About the Instructor

jolene-brackeyJolene Brackey is the founder of Enhanced Moments and author of the book, Creating Moments of Joy. Jolene is also a celebrated nationwide speaker in Alzheimer’s education. She has a B.A. from Iowa State University and extensive experience with people who have Alzheimer’s. Jolene has been a keynote speaker at many conferences where family members, CNAs, and professionals share what works and doesn’t work.