Client cancellation rights:

A client may cancel enrollment by giving written notice to the company. Cancellations are subject to a $25 withdrawal fee unless client has given written notification with a valid reason (related to health, injury or family needs).

Upon cancellation or withdrawal, clients may be entitled to a refund of purchase as specified in the refund policy.

Refund Policy:

A client may cancel enrollment by giving written notice to the company. Unless the company has discontinued the program of instruction, the client is financially obligated to the company according to the following:

If cancellation occurs within five business days of the date of enrollment, and lesson materials have not been accessed by the client, all monies specific to the enrollment agreement shall be refunded.

If cancellation occurs within 5 business days of the date of enrollment and lesson materials have been accessed by the client, refunds shall be payable according to the following:

  • If withdrawal or termination occurs after the completion of the first lesson assignment and before 50 percent of the total lesson assignments are completed, the client shall be entitled to a pro rata refund of the purchase. The portion of purchase cost for which the client will be charged is determined by dividing the number of lesson assignments completed by the total number In addition to the pro rated purchase charge, the company may retain the registration fee, book and supply fees, and any other legitimate charges owed by the client;
  • If withdrawal or termination occurs after completion of 50 percent or more of the total lesson assignments, the client shall be obligated for the purchase charged for the entire instructional program and shall not be entitled to any refund.

Clients who do not complete their course within the specified period of time (90 days unless otherwise specified) will be considered to have voluntarily withdrawn from the course or program and no refund shall be due to them.

The date of enrollment will be the date the company receives submission of client enrollment information through the secured website. For courses purchased and registrations made through the company website, enrollment shall be considered active at the time the client’s purchase and registration is complete.

The client must verify that he/she has read and understands the enrollment agreement for the enrollment process to be complete.

The company shall charge a withdrawal fee of $25 for clients who cancel their enrollment before course completion, unless a written request is received for a leave of absence or extension. This withdrawal fee shall be subtracted from the refund due client prior to delivery of funds.

The client may request a credit for course enrollment be applied to a new course rather than refunded. Credit transfers shall not be subject to the $25 withdrawal fee providing they are requested in writing and in a timely manner by client.

When a cancellation, withdrawal, termination, or completion occurs, a calculation of all allowable charges shall be made. If such calculations evidence that the company received total payments greater than its allowable charges :

Within 40 days after notification of such cancellation, withdrawal, termination, or completion, a written statement showing allowable charges and total payments received shall be delivered to the client by the company, together with a refund equal in amount to monies paid to the company in excess of those allowable charges;
In the event payments to a client account are derived from a sponsoring public agency, private agency, or any source other than the client, the statement of charges and payments received together with an appropriate refund may be delivered instead to such party(ies) in interest, but only with respect to the covered portions thereof.
In case of disabling illness or accident, death in the immediate family, or other circumstances beyond the control of the client that causes the client to discontinue their course before completion, the company shall arrange a prorated purchase settlement that is reasonable and fair to both parties.

Any inquiry a client may have regarding this contract may be made in writing to: if via email, or via regular mail to:
Client Services
OnCourse Learning Healthcare
20225 Water Tower Blvd.
Brookfield, WI 53045