Keys to Managing Families/Responsible Parties of Your Residents

3.25 CEUs

Understanding the pressure, emotional stress and other influences on the behavior of the family members of clients in long term care is essential. This course provides an in-depth, hands-on tutorial of how to manage familial psycho dynamics.

This course covers:

  • Section 1 – Psychological Traumas
  • Section 2 – Why Might They Be Experiencing Trauma
  • Section 3 – Why Do They Act Like That
  • Section 4 – Empathy vs. Sympathy
  • Section 5 – Systems Theory and ABCs to Behavior Modification
  • Section 6 – Education and Assessment
  • Section 7 – A Complaint is a Gift
  • Section 8 – Let’s Apply All of Your Tools

 Course Objectives:

  • Identify common psychological traumas
  • Realize where the psychological traumas originate
  • Understand the motivation for some behaviors
  • Know the difference between sympathy and empathy
  • Respond to a family member/responsible party empathically
  • Apply systems theory and the Antecedent, Behavior, Consequence Model
  • Perform an assessment on the decision maker
  • Appreciate the purpose and importance of educating the decision maker
  • View a complaint as a gift and receive it as such

Course Approvals:

This course is offered by Missouri Assisted Living Association (MALA) and MALA is an approved Training Agency for the Missouri Board of Examiners of Nursing Home Administrators.

NAB: This program has been approved for Continuing Education for 3.25 total participant hours by NAB/NCERS – approval# 20180713-3.25-A35523-DL – expires 07/13/2018, NAB approval# 20190713-3.25-A44326-DL – expires 07/13/2019.

About the Instructor

david-hahklotubbeDavid Hahklotubbe, MA. Master of Arts degree in Gerontology, Long Term Care Administration from San Francisco State University has been an administrator in many large facilities (80+ beds) with special units for those afflicted with dementia. David is the co-owner of Choctaw House, a 6-bed RCFE specializing in memory impairment, located in Napa, California. In addition, David is currently the host of a television show on elder care called "Successful Aging Today".