New Mexico Assisted Living Administrator Certificate

Certificate Course

This Assisted Living Administrator Certification Program – Introductory Level, in cooperation with New Mexico Health Care Association/New Mexico for Assisted Living ALF/RCF, is a comprehensive 50 hour Administrator training program.

This comprehensive certification and training program consists of 5 courses – each addressing specific subject areas:

  • Domain 1: Client / Residential Services Management
  • Domain 2: Human Resources Management
  • Domain 3: Leadership and Governance
  • Domain 4: Physical Environment
  • Domain 5: Financial Management
  • AL Certificate Program I, Introductory – State Addendum – New Mexico

This course covers the basic roles and responsibilities of an AL Administrator, and is intended for new AL administrators, or individuals considering becoming AL administrators in New Mexico.

Course Objectives:

The purpose of the Assisted Living Administrator Certificate Program is:

  • To recognize that the conventional management of a nursing home or hospital is very different from the management of assisted living communities, and therefore, those methods of management are unlikely to produce the appropriate services necessary in the assisted living environment.
  • To challenge the administrators of assisted living communities to take the basic management skills they have learned and adapt them to the assisted living field.
  • To look for innovative methods and management models that will increase staff efficiency, contain costs, improve the quality of services, exceed both state and local regulations, and most of all, serve the assisted living resident.

Course Approvals:

  • New Mexico Healthcare Association/New Mexico Center for Assisted Living ALF/RCF Administrator Training Program
  • New Mexico Department of Health, Division of Health Improvement

About the Instructor

christian-masonChristian Mason has extensive experience in operations for Assisted Living Facilities and many other types of Long Term Care Facilities. Prior to starting VIGILAN, Chris served as Chief Operating Officer of Sun Retirement Corporation. Chris is a founding member of the Oregon Assisted Living Facilities Association, served on the faculty of the first national training program for Assisted Living, developed the first national licensing exam, and served as editor of the first national preparatory course for assisted living. Chris is nationally certified in Assisted Living and Nursing Home Management. Chris received his MBA from Whittemore School of Business and Economics, University of New Hampshire.